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Bayonne, a Charming Little Town

By: Gabrielle Maya, Cara Squared Intern- NJCU Student

Sometimes we need to take a moment to enjoy our surroundings and get away from the overwhelming feeling with our day to day routines.

A few words that I would use to describe my visit to Bayonne are calm, safe and a family friendly community. Getting to places is an easy commute, even when walking around from place to place. When it comes to this town, you can take your time and walk through the neighborhood or enjoy some of the sights, eateries, environment, and community.

What can I say about the food, is I hope you have a great appetite! Bayonne has local places to chow down, at a good price. Many restaurants and cafes such as Light House Restaurant and Café Talya are the most common places to get a bite and be with family and friends. The cuisine is very common favorites that remind you of the home and are around the local areas of commute for people who are on the go.

One of the most local sights to behold is Bayonne Park, where bonds are made. It’s a friendly area where kids of all ages can meet up and hang out. It’s heartwarming to see many families and their children, as well as kids from all ages socialize. The park is divided into two sections where there is a playground for the kids and a walkway through the trees. Adults can enjoy a nice walk with the scenery of trees, and the turtle pond where you can spot the little heads of the turtles in the water.

Creating special bonds are just as important as getting an education. There are many public schools in Bayonne that can provide the proper education for all kids. There are bus stops and crossing guards near many of these educational facilities, which guarantee a safe commute for the kids.

Many people wouldn’t think of Bayonne as a destination city, but the Hudson River Waterfront is a place that has a beautiful view and tranquil waters.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while jogging or riding your bike in the morning. You can enjoy the peace relaxing sounds of the water while making memories with family and friends. The adventure can continue with these two iconic places to visit. The Bayonne bridge is another great viewing spot where you can get a rush by walking across while staring at the river down below. Tear Drop Memorial is a place that enriches visitors on the memory of lost lives that are remembered. You can get an excellent direct side on view of the Bridge, lighthouse, and ship traffic coming under the bridge and into the Upper Bay.

Bayonne is all about community and a friendly environment where everyone is welcome. With many significant sights, good priced food, educational facilities for every child, and beautiful homes for a fair price, there isn’t second guessing. Go for it! Make this your community.


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