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Cyan Condos - Progress !


Updates on our Fabulous Affordable Condos located in the heart of Greenville, Jersey City.

Updates: 6/12/19

We are looking forward to the completion of these fantastic brand-new units. They will be elegant and lofty. One of our units will include a patio space for lounging, dining or simply being outdoors without having to leave your own condo.

Another consists of its own private floor. Yes ! An entire floor will belong to the future owner of that unit. They will all be something to behold! From our Duplex to our largest home unit, they will all include something to be wowed about.

We could not be more proud about their pricing however, because everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a space that is both beautiful and affordable.

That is our mission.

Stay tuned for more Updates !

Looking Good !

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