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Community and Hope

CARA DEVELOPMENT is proud to present the heartfelt stories of the people who reside at Ocean Green Senior Apartments:

We hope that you enjoy these moving and inspirational testimonies. We feel honored and humbled by the amazing fortitude and vibrancy of these individuals.

Our latest documentaries include the following:

Hellen Covington - Ocean Green's Senior Artist, loves to recycle found objects and turns them into masterpieces. Despite being challenged by the beginning stages of Parkinson’s, 71 year old Hellen brings vibrancy and joy to Ocean Green. Visiting her apartment is like visiting an art gallery. Her story is incredibly moving. ( listen to her story / video )

Lyle Green - boasts about being the first tenant to live at Ocean Green. He still keeps the photos commemorating his first key turn and his first day in his brand new apartment. Along with a congratulations letter, written to him by Richard Greenspan of Cara Development, he considers them to be sacred keep sakes. –Before Ocean Green, Mr. Green lived at St. Lucy’s Homeless Shelter. ( see video)

Barbara Scott– - who lives in apartment # 209 overlooking the terrace, claims Ocean Green came at a critical time in her life. ( Learn more by watching video. ) A Care Taker, by occupation, she enjoys spending time in this outdoor space with friends and family. “ OCEAN GREEN - in one word – AWESOME!” ~ Ms. Scott

Please enjoy and thank you for watching!

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