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video. And that is all. Will someone help me? this message shows if I have a message when I start gparted (after hibernate). any idea why it shows? if there is a "real" wubi in that ubuntu ISO file, you should have that PPA page to give you the BIN file on the ISO (if i am correct) Giwrgaras we can't read your mind sorry my bad :p Giwrgaras, i am not familiar with what you described, so i can not really help you can someone help me with a file? please? Giwrgaras it's all in your head, you're the only one who can know what you see or what you don't Giwrgaras: I've never seen that message before. Try asking in #ubuntu-devel. thx Hey, im trying to run a compiled C program on ubuntu, but it gives me an error, i dont understand it too well and im not sure how to troubleshoot it. Any Ideas? VLC in Ubuntu is almost unusable on my system. If I use it to play back a video file it hangs up completely. Or crashes. Though the pause button works. So it doesn't crash. But I cannot click on anything. The application UI does not even respond to mouse clicks. It's no longer possible to use VLC from the launcher. What a strange problem. How the fark can VLC be bad on Ubuntu! I've used VLC in Ubuntu before. Not VLC in Ubuntu. VLC is amazing on Ubuntu. It doesn't crash. Or pause. It just



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Avatar 2 Full Movie Free Download In Hd 720p nekeraly

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