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Properties for Rent

Affordable Housing


Applications are open to Senior Citizens and clients with Special Needs who meet the income guidelines. For more info see below.

Senior Apartments 

Ocean Green Senior Apartments


An Investment in


Hope and Community

​Community Room


During the first three months of lease up, priority will be given to qualified Sandy Impacted Residents who are 55 years of age or older.


One Bedroom + One Bath  


Monthly rent $650

Minimum & Maximum Income



One Person - $16,120 to $32,220

Two People - $16,120 to 36,780



OCEAN GREEN SENIOR APARTMENTS is a 44 Unit Building with various unit and project amenities. While constructing this multi unit dwelling we remained committed to reducing environmental impact and conserving energy. It meets the requirements of NJHMFA’s Green Future program. One of the most attractive features this complex has to offer is the “Green Roof” which over looks Jersey City and provides a view of the New York City Skyline. This Urban oasis is surrounded by a low growing garden built atop a drainage system, which allows water to flow freely to an exit drain. Aesthetically pleasing, it allows residents the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor space that is safe and easily accessible. Solar lamps provide lighting during twilight and night hours.


OCEAN GREEN SENIOR APARTMENTS also includes a community room with large majestic windows and is fully equipped with furniture by CORT. In a cozy customized space, residents will be able to enjoy a cohesive sense of community where friends and family can meet for entertainment or relaxation, thus providing social benefits through group interaction. The location provides easy access to transportation including the Hudson Light Rail train system and NJ PATH train. Seniors will be able to conveniently walk to nearby grocery stores, houses of worship, banks, numerous retail establishments as well as gain access to regional attractions via local transportation.

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